Whale Match

Our peer-to-pool marketplace, where users can create highly customizable loan requests and collectively fund once-in-a-century debt venture deals.
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Whale Match

Experience all the benefits

Discover and enjoy the comprehensive array of advantages and benefits that MYSO's Whale Match has to offer.

For Borrowers

  • Effortless Borrowing

    Navigate past the traditional hurdles with Whale Match - forget liquidation, interest rate, oracle, and counterparty risks. Borrow with utmost confidence.

  • Unlock Idle Assets

    Capitalize on any token as collateral. Tap into the latent borrowing power of idle tokens, even those in DAO treasuries. An efficient strategy to maximize your asset's value.

  • Customized Repayment

    Craft your loan structure and repayment timeline to your precise requirements. Flexibility at its finest.

  • Cost-Effective Borrowing

    By offering lenders an upside through convertible debt, minimize your borrowing costs. Experience economical borrowing like never.

For Lenders

  • High Potential Returns

    Whale Match offers an exciting opportunity to achieve higher returns from loan conversions. Profitability reimagined.

  • Diversified Lending

    Gain access to an unparalleled range of loan deals where any token can be used as collateral. Build up a diversified lending portfolio of unmatched potential.

For Arrangers

  • Earn Fees

    Leverage your network and facilitate successful matches between borrowers and lenders with Whale Match. Every successful deal adds lucrative fees to your account.

  • Arrange Innovative Funding

    Play a critical role in the funding journey of DAOs. Help them discover the best debt funding options and actively contribute to financial innovation in the crypto space.

How to get started

Start Your Loan

Create your loan proposal either independently or with a 3rd-party arranger, setting loan terms and target amounts based on your requirements.

Engage Lenders

With your proposal listed, engage potential lenders to assess their interest. Adjust your loan terms based on market feedback until you've locked in the right deal.

Lock and Load

Once the loan terms are set, lenders get a final grace period to commit. With enough subscriptions, you move on to the next step or otherwise, you may choose to cancel.

Secure Loan

Transfer your collateral after getting enough lender interest to finally secure your loan.


Make sure to settle the loan repayment on each due date to avoid default and to reclaim your collateral.

Craft Loan Proposal

Create a loan proposal specifying the borrower's address and your arranger fee. Adjust the loan terms based on feedback from potential lenders and borrowers.

Lock in Terms

Once you've achieved a satisfactory level of interest and the terms are appropriately adjusted, lock in the loan terms. At this point, the terms are immutable and your focus shifts to spreading the word.

Boost Engagement

During the final grace period, actively engage with lenders and the borrower to ensure enough lender subscriptions and timely loan execution.

Earn Your Fee

 If enough lender interest is met, the borrower transfers the collateral, the loan amount is released, and you earn your arranger fee.


Deposit funds into the relevant funding pool. Each token has a unique pool so deposit into the correct one.

Explore Proposals

Browse through all loan proposals that match your investment strategy.


Express interest by subscribing to a loan proposal. Remember, you can unsubscribe before the loan terms are locked in.

Final Call

After the loan terms are locked, decide your final stance during the grace period. This is your last chance to decide on your participation.

Execute Loan

If sufficient lenders subscribe and the borrower transfers the collateral, your subscribed loan amount will be deducted and the loan begins.

Receive Repayment

On due dates, choose to receive repayment in the form of the collateral token or your supplied token.

Loan Maturity

The loan concludes after all repayments have been made.

Default Handling

In case of a default, the collateral is distributed amongst all lenders on a pro-rata basis according to each one's contribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can become an arranger on Whale Match?

    Anyone can become an arranger and set up loan deals and earn commission - this includes users that want to become lenders or even the borrowers themselves. Simply navigate to Whale Match on the MYSO dApp and create a loan proposal with your desired loan terms and set a commission fee for a potential payout if the loan proposal goes through!

  • Who is most suited to be a borrower on Whale Match?

    Borrowers for loan proposal will typically be DAOs/protocols looking for securing stablecoins for runway and product development funding. These parties can issue convertible bonds to make repayments available in the collateral native token.

  • How does convertible debt work in Whale Match?

    Each loan on Whale Match can be structured with a conversion feature (similar to that of convertible bonds in TradFi). This allows borrowers to serve repayments in their pledged collateral (typically a given protocol's native token) rather than in stablecoins, thereby reducing overall stablecoin borrowing costs. This can also attract willing lenders who want to have equity-like upside participation in the collateral token.

  • What happens if a loan proposal goes to final call, but the target loan amount is not met?

    Once loan terms are locked in and go into final call, lenders can choose whether to subscribe or unsubscribe from the proposal. If the target loan amount is not met in the end, funds are re-distributed back to the deposited lenders and the proposal does not go through.

  • What happens if a borrower defaults on their loan and there are multiple lenders that subscribed to the loan?

    The defaulted collateral is distributed to each lender on a pro-rata basis. It is up to the borrower whether they want to repay the loan or not, so it is important to make sure that each loan proposal has favorable parameters for all parties prior to finalization.

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