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Our low-cost, high-speed peer-to-peer marketplace, where users can create and browse through hundreds of loan offers.
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Blitz Match

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Discover and enjoy the comprehensive array of advantages and benefits that MYSO's Blitz Match has to offer.

For Borrowers

  • No Liquidation Risk

    Sleep soundly with MYSO's zero liquidation risk loans. Don't let flash crashes or cascading liquidations keep you up.

  • Zero Counterparty Risk

    Your collateral stays yours, securely set aside for you to reclaim. No protocol insolvency risk & no rehypothecation risk.

  • Optimize Your Assets

    Pledge your favorite tokens all while you enjoy uninterrupted rewards, and keep your voting rights. Let your assets work for you, even when pledged.

  • Simplify Your Leverage

    One click. That's all it takes to achieve leverage with our 1-click looping mechanism. Leverage was never this straightforward and liquidation-free.

For Lenders

  • Maximize Your Yield

    Discover high-alpha borrowing markets. Customize loan offers to your risk-reward profile. With MYSO's upfront fee mechanism, you're not just lending, you're investing.

  • Effortless Scalability

    With our gasless quoting engine, quote hundreds of loan offers for free. Adapt quickly, learn from market feedback, and perfect your strategy.

  • Control at Your Fingertips

    Underwrite loans on your terms. MYSO lets you decide how your capital is used. Say goodbye to restrictive, one-size-fits-all lending solutions.

  • Embrace Limitless Lending

    No more waiting. MYSO eliminates tedious oracle integrations and asset onboarding. Explore untapped lending opportunities today.

How to get started

Select Token

Choose which collateral token you'd like to use for obtaining a loan, as well as which loan token to borrow.

Choose Pledge Amount

Specify the amount of collateral you'd like to pledge.

Browse Loan Offers

Explore all available loan options and select the one that suits you best.

Confirm and Execute

Once you have found a suitable loan option, send the corresponding pledge amount and initiate the loan.

Repay or Default

Repay your loan at any point before the loan's expiration to retrieve your collateral. If you fail to repay before the loan's expiration, the loan will automatically be considered defaulted and you will lose the ability to reclaim your collateral.

Create a Vault

To lend, you must first create your own non-custodial vault, to which only you have access.

Fund the Vault

Fund the Vault. This can be done by making a simple ERC20 transfer. It's important to note that you can withdraw funds at any time.

Create a Quote

Start publishing loan offers. Specify the collateral you’re willing to accept, the token you'd like to lend against, the loan-to-value (LTV), the tenor, and the rate.

Get Matched with a Borrower

If a borrower is interested in the loan offer and decides to execute it, you will be matched with a borrower on a peer-to-peer basis.

Wait for Loan Settlement

The loan will be settled in one of two ways. Either the borrower repays the loan, in which case the repaid amount flows directly back into the your vault, or the borrower defaults. In the event of a default, you must unlock the collateral.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What crypto markets are available on Blitz Match?

    Because of the oracle-free nature of the protocol, MYSO can support almost all forms of collateral. This includes rebasing collateral (i.e. aTokens), voting collateral (governance tokens), reward-bearing collateral denominated in other tokens (i.e. GLP, Curve LP tokens), and even tokens with transfer fees (i.e. PAXG).

  • How do I become a lender on Blitz Match?

    Becoming a lender on Blitz Match is permissionless, meaning anyone can become a lender and send out loan quotes of their choosing. Simply create your own vault, fund the vault, and you're free to create as many loan quotes as you please!

  • Is there anything I need to do as a borrower before expiry of an initiated loan?

    After taking out a loan, all you need to do is pay it back before the expiration date to recover your collateral. No need to worry about health factors or liquidation thresholds. If you're unable or don't want to repay the loan, it will become defaulted and you will lose your right to reclaim your collateral.

  • With 1-click looping, is there extra risk to a lender and are their funds rehypothecated?

    No - when a borrower levers up with the 1-click looping mechanism, this poses zero additional risk to lenders and actually promotes greater capital utilization from provisioned liquidity as collateral is simply being looped and re-pledged atomically.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of loan quotes I can send out as a lender?

    With MYSO v2 there is no limit to the amount of quotes a lender can send out - this means that you can essentially test an innumerable amount of different loan parameterizations and be able to give borrowers the best possible variety of loan quotes for any risk appetite.

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